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Flowers mean many things to different people. They celebrate life, milestones, joy and sadness.

I’m very obsessed with flowers if you can’t already tell, this piece has been made with soda lime soft glass which is commonly used in beads.  It is very soft to work with which means you need to be very careful on how you construct the piece otherwise you risk exploding or melting your creation.  (I assure you I have done my fair share of doing that in the learning process).  I adore making these pieces as it allows me to mix different colours of compatible glass rods and make up my own colours which make the piece even more unique. I have planted the flowers into a painted terracotta flower pot with bonsai pebbles which are glued into place so they don’t fall out of the pot and so the flowers do not move.

Displayed in a glass cloche 10 cm (2 1/2″) in width & length and and 20 cm in height, The dome is glued closed so you don’t have to worry about dusting, because lets face it, none of us like cleaning when we don’t have to =)   It weighs 440 grams so please disregard the weight in the listing below that is purely for shipping purposes

This piece will come shipped to you carefully packaged.

Care instructions: Whilst each piece goes through an annealing process to strengthen the glass, do take care not to drop them. The dome has been glued down to stop any curious fingers, however please move the piece by placing your hands under the timber so glue does not weaken.  Just wipe it over with a glass cloth and you will be as good as new.

Additional information

Weight 1020 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 35 cm


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