Potted Pretties – Purple Flower

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No green thumb? No worries! These delightfully cheery glass sculptural flowers are perfect for your home or wherever else you may like to keep them.  They are made with Italian glass and each petal and leave is individually sculpted on copper wire.  Wire wrapped and then finally covered with florist tape to hold them together and potted in their very own pot.

No watering to worry about!

The approximate size of the piece is 55 mm wide the top of the terracotta pot and overall height is 80 mm.

Please don’t place in direct sunlight as the floral tape may fade.  To clean, use a soft brush, such as a paint brush or if you have a spare makeup brush they are ideal and gently brush off any dust.  While the piece is flexible, I strongly recommend that you don’t adjust the petals once they are in place as it may cause undue stress in the petals, but if you do, brace the petal or leaves with a finger on each side and gently move into place.

Care instructions are given with each order to assist with the longevity of your handmade piece.

NB. Glass is notoriously difficult to photograph, most pieces appear more vibrant and full of life to what the camera can capture, whilst every effort is made to take a true photograph there may be minor differences.

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